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“I had experienced debiliating lower back pain for several months. Often it would get to the point where I could not stand up straight. I tried many different approaches, including massages, reflexology, and acupuncture, to name of few. During a painful episode, I made an emergency appointment with David, who had just started working in my workout facility. David could tell right away where I was experiencing the tightness in my back. His massaging technique was perfect for what I was experiencing, yet soothing and relaxing at the same time. I was able to stand straight after that session. I had another massage about one month later, and I have not experienced an episode since! I highly reccommend David Merriweather for you massage needs!” -Kathy Hofmeister

“I’m sure that there are numerous places one can get a massage in the Indianapolis area and, believe me, I have tried MANY in search of the one that is just right. I can happily say that the search is over! I’ve been getting massages from David for over a year now (and on a regular basis) and I can really feel the difference when I leave his studio. I never feel that anything was missed and he is always so great when I tell him that my back, legs or shoulders need extra work…and that happens often! I have a very active lifestyle and a large part of it is raising my three little ones and my fitness endeavors. I am constantly on the go and my schedule can change week to week. David is always incredibly understanding and accommodating with regard to fitting me into his work day. I feel very fortunate to have found him!” – Caroline S.

“To Whom It May Concern:I have experienced massage therapy for many years by many very good therapists.  In the past year, I met David Merriweather and have had 10+ sessions with him.  I would like to relate that I feel he is the best massage therapist I have had.  Not only is he knowledegable and professional in this field, but  he offers a physical therapy aspect that can relieve the aches and pains of minor sports injuries, etc.  I would highly recommend David and encourage anyone to experience the difference that he offers.” -Bev, Florida


“I have been a client of David’s for a few years. The massages I receive from David are by far the most therapeutic I have ever had. While most massage therapists, offer a simply relaxing massage, David’s techniques leave you feeling energized and repaired as well. David has a keen sense of touch and evaluation of his client’s musculature. He performs a thorough and meticulous massage. He is extremely knowledgeable, and a highly trained therapist. David is the perfect solution for anyone in search of stress relief, physical discomfort, or relaxation. From the relaxing environment to the superior intuitive massage, David provides you with an extraordinary stress relieving experience. I plan to remain a client for years to come.” – Lisa S.


“After being diagnosed with a syndrome affecting my legs & arms, I contacted David to help me with an alternative plan of action (beyond hospital treatments) to get stronger & healthier. I’ve taken advantage of his convenient in-home, mobile service and encourage you to “Experience the Difference” as David listens to your concerns and targets those areas with passion, intensity and total professionalism.” -Cassie Mace


“Smooth hands, gentle touch, power when needed and the ability to listen are just some of the things David has to offer. Our first meeting was needed when my neck muscles locked up from holding a phone between my shoulder and my ear at work and weight training added to the pain and discomfort. David heard me clearly when I told him the problem and chose a deep muscle massage to work it out. This was a difficult massage to get through but he used his skill to dig deep down and find the source of the problem. During the massage he used ice packs to cool down the hot spots. I appreciated David’s honesty at the end of that massage when he told me I would be very sore the next day. He was right but and the final result was amazing! I ended up pain free for the first time in weeks. I think David is incredible. Try him out. You’ll be glad you did.” -Judy Smith


“I have been going to David Merriweather for massage treatments for over a year. I started seeing David for relief of sore muscles from overdoing weekend gardening or just to relax after a stressful week of work. Then, when I suffered whiplash in an auto accident, he worked in conjunction with my physical therapist to expedite my recovery. More recently he has worked with me as I have been recovering from shoulder surgery. David is knowledgeable and very thorough and is capable of providing whatever type of massage therapy needed or desired. I have and do recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with a specific problem or who just wants to be pampered and relax.” -Christa Russell


“David has got to be the best massage therapist ever. I will not use any one but David. I havent even considered usuing anyone but him. I usually see David once every couple of months, sometimes sooner if I feel to stressed to wait to long. David is highly qualified for his job. He has a nice quiet place and plays some of the most beauitiful music that puts you to sleep. If you want the best nap of your life with the benefits of feeling better than you did when you walked in go see David.” -Brenda, Avon, IN

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